100+ Best English Shayari Love Sad || English Shayari Images

100+ Best English Shayari Love Sad || English Shayari Images

    English Shayari Love Sad

    99+ Best English Shayari About Love

    A bit mature " You "
    A bit stupid " me "
    Makes a perfect " We "...

    " Text "
    One text.
    phone vibrates. eyes blush.
    heart beats. brain resists.

    I don't need a perfect friend,
    I need someone whom i can trust
    and share everything without
    any hesitation.

    Best Feelings
    Kitna Acha Lagta Haina,
    Jab Koi Bas Ek Humse
    Baat Karne Ke Liye
    Online Aata Hain.

    •1 Special person
    •1 long call
    And all sadness turns into
    Some people are really magicians.

    I'm happy for
    at least we share
    the same sky.

    99+ Best English Shayari About Love

    To be someone's first love
    may be great
    but to be someone's last love
    is beyond perfect.

    Psychology says "
    No matter how angry
    we are, we always end
    up forgiving the person
    we love.

    "0.2 Sec."
    Finally replies after one hour,
    My brain; Don't do it, Don't do it
    Don't do it, Don't do it
    Me; Replies in 0.2 seconds.

    "Karma Says"
    If a man expects a women
    to be an angel in his life.
    He must first create heaven
    for her.
    Angels don't live in hell.

    English Shayari for Life

    99+ Best English Shayari About Love

    True love never dies,
    Because true love always

    I'm with you
    I want to be the person you
    when you're crying at night,
    staying on the call until
    you fall asleep.

    I'm in love with this quote.
    "When you get what you want, that's
    God's direction, when you don't get
    what you want, that's God's

    No more Ex
    No more Next
    Be my last.

    Honestly, I feel happy when
    you share every small thing
    with me.

    Always be in love with a soul
    not a face.

    99+ Best English Shayari About Love

    Wanna hug You so tight
    That even air cannot fill the space
    Between us..

    Don't change yourself to
    win someone's heart. Stay
    true and you will find
    someone who likes you for
    being you.

    "I promise"
    No one will ever
    take your place in my

    Your name is my password
    because, I like to type it
    again and again.

    Sometimes we write status not for
    getting like,
    But for just one person to read it.

    Happiness is..
    Late night chat with our
    favourite person

    "Dear God"
    I can't be everywhere
    but you are.
    Please look over my
    loved ones.
    Keep them safe for me.

    99+ Best English Shayari About Love

    Never avoid the
    who loves you truly
    Because nowadays
    It's hard
    To get a true love...

    When you Have a Habit Of Talking
    With Someone Daily
    A Day without Talking To Them
    Feel Like a Year

    You came into my
    life unexpected,
    And now i want
    you permanently

    I know I get rude with you sometimes
    but believe me
    I love you the most...

    English Shayari Love

    People don't understand how
    stressful it is to explain what's going
    on in your head when you don't even
    understand it yourself.

    you ever gave somebody else a
    motivational speech while you was hurt

    99+ Best English Shayari About Love

    Some things have to end
    for better
    things to begin.

    Umeed bhi usi se
    laga baithe
    Jise todna achi tarha
    se aata hai

    Ignore me once and
    | will show you
    who is the
    master of this

    for my thinking you
    love me.

    Trying to let you go
    but I'm praying
    you will come back.

    99+ Best English Shayari About Love

    Never let your feelings
    Get too deep,
    People can

    A girl cries
    so hard when she is hurt,
    But she also knows
    how to protect and motivate
    herself when she is all alone.

    "Never Cry"
    For the person who doesn't
    know the value of"your tears".

    " Song "
    Behind every
    favorite song
    There is an
    untold story.

    "True love"
    True love is when someone breaks
    your heart and you
    still love them
    piece of it.

    99+ Best English Shayari About Love

    Don't force anyone to stay in
    your life..
    If they really want you,
    They will stay.

    We can
    delete chats,
    photos but not

    Karma Says
    Never judge someone without
    knowing the whole story,
    You may think you
    understand but you don't.

    Someone asked me,
    "Who hurt you?"
    I replied,
    "My own expectation."

    99+ Best English Shayari About Love

    "Dear Heart"
    Stop beating so hard for the one
    who never cared about you.

    I Don't Hurt
    Others Because
    I Know How
    It Feels.

    Don't get too
    Attached because
    Everyone always leave
    in the end.

    English Shayari Sad

    Move on
    Six letter, Two words
    easy to say, hard to explain
    harder to do.

    99+ Best English Shayari About Love

    Silence isn't empty, it's
    full of answers.

    People leave
    when they find
    someone better.

    " Memories "
    "Memories are more loyal
    then people."
    " Because people leave but their
    memories last forever."

    He loves, she rejects.
    She loves, he rejects.
    Both loves, family rejects.
    Family accepts, society rejects.

    for ignoring me
    when i needed you
    the most.

    One day you will
    How much I cried for

    99+ Best English Shayari About Love

    I'm a type of person
    who'll try make
    everyone else smile, but
    when I need a smile
    no one is there for me.

    3 mistakes of life
    Loving you,
    Waiting for you,
    Losing myself for you.

    Karma said..
    If you're rejected doesn't mean
    you are bad,
    Sometimes people are unable
    to see a star in you.

    The day she stop
    irritating you is the day
    you start loosing her

    " True love "
    Once you fall in true love,
    you smile daily with
    tears in your eyes.

    English Shayari BROKEN

    Your sorry is useless
    When my trust is

    The reason behind
    every sorry
    of mine is
    never want to lose you.

    99+ Best English Shayari About Love

    The more you love,
    The more its hurts.

    You are happy
    you enjoy
    the music
    you are
    Sad you
    the lyrics.

    Sometimes people will stay
    On your heart but not
    In your life.

    Every body
    can see a Laughing Face.
    But no
    can see a
    Broken Heart.

    " Ignore "
    Never ignore the efforts the person
    who tires to keep in touch with you.
    It's not always that someone cares.

    Oh it's Okey !
    I'm just having
    A bad day
    Week, month,
    year, life..

    When things really hurt you,
    they make you quiet.

    Why Me?
    Me with friends :
    I hate her so much
    Me at 12 AM :
    Reading her old messages
    and crying.

    Why Me?
    Me with friends :
    I hate her so much
    Me at 12 AM :
    Reading her old messages
    and crying.

    Karma says
    Never let your feelings
    get to deep,

    I'm not a bad
    situation make me

    99+ Best English Shayari About Love

    Love me
    From your Heart
    Not from your

    Easy to cry,
    Easy to laugh,
    Hard to forget,
    Hard to leave,
    that's me.

    I rejected everyone
    For being with you,
    And the twist is,
    You rejected me for
    Being with everyone..

    Some people will hurt you
    and then
    they will act like you
    hurt them.

    English Shayari Images

    Dear Music ,
    Thanks for
    Always clearing
    My head healing
    My heart and
    Lifting My spirits.

    "My Last Day"
    One day I completely forgot you and that day is
    my last day.

    Some songs
    remind us of

    Zindagi Me Pyaar Kya
    Hota Hai Ye
    Us Insaan Se Pucho,
    Jiska Dil Toota Ho Magar
    Fir Bhi Uske Intezgar Me Ho.

    every single day
    feels like
    a war
    At least learn how to
    win it.

    My problem?
    I care for everyone and I end up
    Hurting myself, always!

    " Alone "
    Some people come
    into your life.
    only to teach you
    how to live alone.

    Age 15-26
    The age where you meet
    A lot of temporary

    99+ Best English Shayari About Love

    Can I die?
    Just for a day?
    I just wanna see who will
    cry when I'm gone.

    One thing society
    Must understand..
    Marrying late is
    Better than marrying

    Forgive yourself for loving the
    wrong person

    Difference between love
    and ego ?
    Love always want to say
    Ego always want to
    listen you.

    Difference between love
    and ego ?
    Love always want to say
    Ego always want to
    listen you.

    "Happy alone"
    I like being alone
    listening to music in my
    own world, away from all
    bullshit in life.

    Some leave because they
    find a new one.
    And, some leave because
    they lost that old one.

    I hope someday my feelings die,
    and I forget you.

    Karma says,
    Someday someone will
    Break you so badly,
    That you will become

    English Shayari Status

    I never blame you for
    I just blame myself for
    making you my everything.

    Hide your sadness
    Because no one cares.

    Missing someone
    who is missing you too
    is sweet pain.
    But missing someone who
    Is not missing you at
    all is slow death.

    I listen one song over and over
    again because the lyric matches
    My current situation..

    A small misunderstanding
    can break two loveable hearts
    very easily.

    99+ Best English Shayari About Love

    Distance told me,
    the real meaning of

    Hardest thing In
    Life Is
    Watching the person
    You love loving
    Someone else..

    No chats
    No calls
    No meets
    But still, I see
    You In my dreams
    Every night...

    Some days I wish
    I could go back in life.
    Not to change anything,
    but to feel a few things

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