Enjoy every moment you 

have. Because in life,

there are no rewinds, only

flashbacks. Make sure it's

all worth it.

I saw you online...

I want to chat with you...

I want to have crazy

Conversation...but I am

Scared of getting

ignored again...

Two Line Shayari | 2 line Shayari

One song could

bring back millions of 

Memories 🎵

Train your mind to

be calm in every 


Only our pillow 

knows the amount of

emotions we hide from

the world.

You hurt me

I cry.

I hurt you

I cry.

Some people love 

You but don't tell you.

Some people tell

You but Don't love you.

Two Line Shayari | 2 line Shayari

People with good hearts are

Always unlucky in relationship.

We are who we are

When no one's watching.

Yes I'm single

But I don't need temporary relationship?

I'm searching for a permanent

person, who would understand my 

silence better than my words.